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Subtle Signs You Might Need A Hearing Test

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People often assume that if they were having trouble hearing, they would realize it. But in reality, people often lose their hearing very slowly and without really realizing it is happening. You're unlikely to wake up one day and think "I can't hear very well". But you very well might notice these subtle signs, which indicate you should call the doctor for a hearing test. 

You keep turning the volume up. 

One week, the TV volume is at 12. Before you know it, you turn it up to 13, then 14. Does this sound familiar? People often blame it on the TV, when in fact, they keep having to turn the volume up because their hearing is failing. If you're not sure whether it is you or the TV, invite a friend who does not live with you over. Turn the TV on at your current volume setting, and ask them if they find it overly loud. If they say "yes," then you should schedule a hearing test.

You ask people to repeat themselves a lot.

If there is one person in your life who mumbles and who you have to ask to repeat themselves often, that is one thing. But if you feel like you're having to ask multiple people or even lots of people to repeat themselves, that is quite another thing. It's probably hearing loss that is causing you to struggle. Sometimes in its early stages, you may not think of things as sounding quiet, but instead, muffled. A hearing test will tell you whether it's you, or whether you really are surrounded by a group of mumblers.

Your ears are ringing a lot.

People often blame ringing in the ears on high blood pressure or stress. And sometimes, it is caused by one of these things. But ringing in the ears is also a common, early sign of hearing loss. If you're trying to figure out why your ears are ringing, going for a hearing test is a good first step. if your doctor finds that your hearing is not the problem, then they can refer you to specialists to look into other issues, such as blood pressure and vertigo. 

Many people struggle with hearing loss for years before they finally get their ears checked. Don't fall into this trap. If you've noticed any of the signs above, it is time to schedule a hearing test with your doctor.

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