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Key Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can restore normal levels of hormones in your body in case of hormonal imbalance. However, before undertaking BHRT, it is helpful to understand the benefits of this treatment modality.

Increase Energy Levels and Enhance Your Mood

Depletion of body hormones triggers anxiety, low mood, and diminished energy levels. Undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy balances your hormones, helping improve your body functions and mental and physical health. In addition, the procedure restores hormones responsible for regulating your mood and energy levels. Therefore, if you suffer from poor energy levels and mood swings, you should consider BHRT.

Enhance Libido

As women mature, their estrogen hormone levels decrease, and so does the desire for intimacy. Low libido is common during menopause or years before menopause, and common signs include vaginal dryness, pain during intimacy, and lack of interest in intimacy. Men also suffer from low libido in case of a drop in their testosterone levels. Luckily, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps restore estrogen in women and testosterone in men, improving their sex drive. In addition, the estrogen used in BHRT improves vaginal lubrication during sex and rejuvenates the urogenital system, eliminating urinary conditions in women.

Minimal Risks Involved

Normally, the BHRT hormones are extracted from plants such as yams and synthesized to match natural body hormones' chemical structures and components. During bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormones are compounded and made to match your body's hormones. This helps reduce side risks and side effects. Again, bioidentical hormones are administered using safe methods such as:

  • Oral compounds

  • Surgically inserted pellets

  • Transdermal using creams and gels

  • Sublingual absorption

All these methods are minimally invasive, hence safe. 

Improve Bone Density

Aging leads to less osteoblast production, resulting in low bone density. Additionally, low bone density exposes women to risks of osteoporosis during menopause. This is a condition where new bone creation does not match up with old bone removal, and patients suffer bone fractures and loss of height. Luckily, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis, bone fractures, and inflammation. In addition, the treatment helps boost bone strength and flexibility, allowing you to perform various activities.

Enhanced Sleep

Hormonal imbalance can interrupt your sleeping patterns. However, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help improve the functioning of your brain, thus improving your quality of sleep.  

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help increase your desire for intimacy, and improve the quality of your sleep, mood, energy level, and bone density. Moreover, the treatment is safe and guarantees improved bone strength and flexibility.

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