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An Ultrasound Neck Lift Could Be A Good Alternative To Surgery

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If you wish you could lift the sagging skin on your neck for a more youthful appearance, but you don't want to have a surgical neck lift just yet, you may want to consider a nonsurgical neck lift treatment. The FDA has approved the use of ultrasound to lift skin on the neck. The procedure is best if you have mild to moderate sagging, so you'll need an evaluation to determine if you're a good match for this type of neck lift treatment. Here's how this type of neck lift works.

Ultrasound Waves Target Deep Tissues

Ultrasound skin tightening differs from other types of nonsurgical skin tightening because it can target the deep layers of your skin rather than just the surface layers. The ultrasound waves bypass the top layers of skin and are directed inward where the energy is needed most. The practitioner can use the images provided by the ultrasound to see exactly where the energy needs to be directed to boost collagen growth.

Ultrasound Waves Cause Your Body To Make Collagen

Ultrasound skin tightening and lifting work due to the heat created by the ultrasound waves. The heat causes a response in the body that creates more collagen. As collagen increases, the skin on your neck lifts and tightens. The process is gradual and completed over a period of weeks. You typically only need one ultrasound treatment to get results, but you can have follow-up treatments if needed.

Ultrasound Neck Lifting Can Feel Uncomfortable

Due to the heat produced during treatment, you might feel discomfort. The doctor might provide you with pain relievers along with nitrous oxide or another method of managing discomfort so you can tolerate the procedure. However, there is no need for an incision, and there is no significant recovery time after the treatment. You'll be able to go about most activities when you leave your doctor's office.

Ultrasound Is A Good Alternative To Surgery

If you don't have time to take off from work for surgery, or if you just prefer to avoid surgery, you'll find these ultrasound neck lift treatments to be a good alternative as long as you don't already have excessive sagging. The results are gradual, so they appear more natural. Plus, you won't have to endure the recovery process from a surgical procedure. You can even have the ultrasound skin tightening and lifting done to areas of your face. Tightening and lifting your lower face or your chest area might be a good complement to your neck lift.

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