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Things You Can Do To Prevent Injury

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Injuries can occur anytime by doing just about anything, but if you are involved in sports, or do other types of sports activities, you could be more susceptible to injuries. When you are injured, you cannot perform or play in your sport, and you may need therapy for weeks on end before you can play or compete again. To help you prevent injury, there are things you can do to get your body in better shape to prevent getting injured. Read on for helpful information.

Stretch Daily 

Stretching often enough can help limber your ligaments in the body to prevent them from getting injured too easily. Doing stretches for the entire body can be very helpful, as can doing things such as Yoga or Pilates to help stretch your muscles and ligaments. You can find a number of these types of stretches or exercises to keep your body in shape and should stretch whether you're an athlete or not. You can stretch while sitting in front of the television at night, or do them first thing in the morning, or right before you play your sport or do any other sort of exercising. Some simple stretches include bending over and touching your toes, stretching one arm across the chest and pulling it in as far as you can, then repeating on the other side. Lunges are another simple stretch anyone can do to limber the hamstrings.

Wear The Right Shoes

Prevent injury by wearing proper footwear when playing your sport or performing in a sports activity, or just in everyday life. You shouldn't attempt to wear shoes that don't offer support, or heels that are too high for you. Heels should be kept under 2 inches, and tennis shoes or other shoes should offer support in the arch, as well as the ankle. If your shoes don't fit you properly, you could be setting yourself up for a fall or some other type of injury.

Do Low-Impact Exercising

Low-impact exercising can help prevent harsh injuries or wear and tear on your joints and ligaments. Do exercises such as walking, biking, or swimming to help keep your body in shape without the extra wear and tear. Talk to your physical therapist about other low-impact exercises.

If you have been injured previously while playing a sport, or you just have been injured before, you may have had to have physical therapy. An injury can leave you out of the game for weeks, but sports physical therapy can help, as can the information above to help prevent injury to your body.