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Issues That Require Urgent Care Services Instead Of A Regular Doctor's Appointment

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It is important to know which issues are best for urgent care services. After all, when you call for a regular doctor's appointment, you might find that you cannot be seen for a few days. In some cases, especially during times when there are a lot of sick people due to a pandemic, you might have to wait even longer to be seen. While some issues can wait, there are some that certainly cannot. You will want to spend a little time checking out the following issues that should be presented to a doctor at a nearby urgent care facility.

Small Cuts That May Need Stitches

A lot of people do not realize that urgent care centers are able to provide stitching services for those with minor cuts that require it. If your cut is really large or causing blood to pour out and you have to apply compression for safety, you need to call for an ambulance and go to the emergency room. You do not want to leave the cut exposed while you wait for an appointment next week with your doctor. A simple trip to the urgent care center will have you sewed up and sent home in no time at all.

You Suspect You Have The Flu

The flu is something that you want to be checked out for, but it does not count as a medical emergency in most cases. If you have a fever that is accompanied by a rash, then you should go to the ER because you might have more issues than just the flu. If you are experiencing what you believe is to be the common flu, you will want to go to the urgent care center. They can get you checked out and determine if you are dehydrated. They can provide medication as needed and give you instructions for what you should be doing at home. Waiting for a standard doctors appointment could cause you to suffer longer and unnecessarily.

Now that you are a little more familiar with the need for urgent care services over a standard scheduled doctor's appointment, you will be able to quickly decide where you should go in the event of illness or injury. If you are not yet familiar with the location of any urgent care centers in your area, now would be a great time for you to investigate and find out where they are. You might have to drive to a nearby town that you usually do not go to, but the prompt medical services will make the trip worth it.

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