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Non-Invasive Body Shaping Treatment: Are You A Candidate For It?

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If you're concerned about small areas of fat on your hips, thighs, or belly, you may be trying to seek a non-invasive body shaping treatment. Body shaping treatment removes stubborn pockets of fat from different areas of your body. However, you must be a good candidate for the treatment. Learn whether or not you qualify for body shaping treatments below.

Are You a Candidate for Body Shaping Treatments?

Non-invasive body shaping treatments, or body contouring, isn't for everyone. Candidates of the procedure must fit certain criteria before they can undergo treatment. If you don't fit the criteria for body contouring treatment, you may need to undergo another type of procedure to remove the fat from your body.

Your weight is one of the most important things surgeons and doctors look at when they consider you for body shaping treatment. Body contouring treatment isn't something you use to lose weight. Doctors prefer candidates to already be within their ideal body weight. Contouring treatment only works well for individuals who wish to remove pockets of stubborn fat from their body. The treatment doesn't remove large quantities of fat from all over your body.

In addition to weight, you must have realistic expectations about your treatment. Body shaping treatment options can take a few days or so before you notice clear results. You must be willing to follow your surgeon's orders after surgery to achieve the results you desire. 

A surgeon may have other criteria you must meet for body contouring treatment. To find out if you qualify for the treatment, consult a surgeon right away.

Are You Ready for Body Shaping Treatment?

You'll need to schedule an exam with a surgeon to find out if you qualify for contouring treatment. Your appointment time may vary, so try to schedule an appointment that provides a surgeon enough time to evaluate your situation. 

A surgeon will weigh you during the visit. If your body weight falls under the appropriate weight guidelines for treatment, a surgeon or doctor will evaluate the condition of your body. A doctor will discuss their weight guidelines with you during your visit.

The evaluation may also include checking your skin for large blemishes, sores, and other inflammations. Some treatments use cold temperatures to target and remove pockets of fat from the body. Your skin must be able to withstand cold temperatures without complications.

A surgeon will use other methods to evaluate your standing for contouring treatment. If you meet all of the criteria for treatment, a surgeon or doctor will schedule an appointment for you.

For more details about body shaping and whether or not you qualify for it, contact a surgeon or treatment center today. Reach out to a body contouring treatment clinic, such as Mountain West Aesthetics, near you to learn more.