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The Benefits of Installing New or Additional Medical Gas Outlets in Your Facility

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Whether you run a full-fledged hospital or a smaller medical facility, you may have the need to use various types of medical gas while treating your patients. This could be something as common as an oxygen supply or another type of gas that might be used to knock a patient out before surgery or provide them with pain relief. If your facility currently has a limited number of medical gas outlets, perhaps it's time to expand your options. Here's how installing additional medical gas outlets or replacing some of your older ones with a newer version could benefit your medical business and your patients.

Stop Moving Patients to Different Rooms As Often

If your facility only has medical gas outlets in a small number of rooms, you might need to move your patients from one room to another in order to get them the specific type of gas that they need. Moving patients who are already feeling sick or unwell is probably not going to make them feel any better, and it may create a more stressful situation for everyone involved, including your employees. If every patient room in your facility has access to a medical gas system, you can keep your patients in place and move forward with treatment options.

Give Your Patients Immediate Relief or Assistance As Soon as a Problem Occurs

If a patient suddenly has trouble breathing or starts experiencing a significant amount of pain, hooking them up to oxygen or another type of gas might help ease their suffering and improve the quality of their condition. When you have to move them to another location in the facility to get the right type of gas, this isn't just a stressful inconvenience, it's also something that is going to prolong their pain or suffering. Outfit more of your rooms with a medical gas system or outlet and you can provide quick and immediate relief, which is something your patients will surely appreciate.

Newer Gas Outlets and Systems May Be Able to Handle More Types of Gas or At Least Keep You Up to Code

Any medical facility that uses medical gas must comply with all applicable safety requirements and regulations; this may include occasional inspections to make sure your business is up to code. Replacing your gas outlets with new ones will ensure that you stay up to date with the latest requirements, and it might also give you additional options. It's possible today to set up a gas outlet to send through more than one type of gas.