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Three Signs You Might Be Starting To Develop Urinary Incontinence

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When people think about urinary incontinence, most will assume that it is a binary issue; that you either have it or you don't. In reality, there are levels to this condition and not everyone who has it struggles with it at the start. Sometimes it is just a small footnote in your otherwise normal day, but it can build up to be a problem that dictates every decision you make. Luckily, there s a lot of urinary incontinence treatment options, you just need to recognize that what you are going through needs help. Here are three signs you might be developing urinary incontinence. 

No Warning

It is not unusual for incontinence to seemingly come out of nowhere. One minute you are perfectly fine and the next you have a bursting need to go to the toilet and cannot make it on time. You may not even urinate that much, but it can feel like it is unstoppable. This sort of mental trigger is a common symptom of urinary incontinence and one that should be taken seriously. Learning to control this and get your body back into line is something that most people are desperate to do, and there are many medical professionals who can help you achieve this.


A lot of the time, the beginning symptoms of urinary incontinence are simply attributed to being too stressed. What people don't understand is that stress can be an amplifier of the problem, but it is not generally the sole cause. Either way, if you are starting to notice problems when you are at work or trying to pack too much into your daily schedule, then it might be time to consider seeing a professional to try and help reduce both the stress and the urinary incontinence. Catching it early makes treatment much easier, and your prognosis is often far better.

Never Satisfied

Sometimes people develop a type of incontinence where you can't seem to empty out your bladder when you go to the bathroom no matter how hard you try. This leaves you in the uncomfortable situation of continuously having to go back to the toilet or, at times when you can't make it, urinate somewhere else. This can be quite embarrassing, especially for older sufferers who are not as agile. Going to get some tests done to see what treatment path you should take is the only way to overcome this issue, so don't wait for it to get better on its own. 

Reach out to a local medical professional to learn more about urinary incontinence.