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Chiropractic Adjustments Cause Arthritis, And Other Fallacies Debunked

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People come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid seeing a chiropractor. In fact, some of their reasons are just downright wrong, considering how these fallacies and myths have already been disproven by science. In an age where you expect everyone to google everything, you would think that patients and clients would come up with some sound reason to avoid engaging the services of a chiropractor, but they do not. If you have heard any of the following fallacies about chiropractors, and you think about using one of these "reasons" to use to skip out on chiropractic care, you might want to rethink it based on why that "reason" would never hold water. 

Chiropractic Care Causes Arthritis 

This one is pretty common, and pretty hilarious to most chiropractors. The faulty logic behind it is that if you crack your knuckles, you will get big knuckles and you will eventually suffer from arthritis. This falsehood is then transferred to the chiropractic adjustments, which tend to make popping sounds when the chiropractor is performing the adjustments. 

There are two reasons why this "logic" is false. One, arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and a genetic disorder. You will either get it, or you will not, regardless of cracking joints or not cracking joints. Two, a chiropractor does not "crack" joints; he/she is sliding body parts back into alignment with other body parts. There is no stretching or releasing of air pockets between joints because that is not the kind of movement the chiropractor is doing. 

Chiropractic Care Results Are All in Your Head

The placebo effect is to blame for being pain-free when you visit a chiropractor. That is what some people use as an excuse for skipping chiropractic care. However, the pre- and post-treatment x-rays prove that the adjustments made by a chiropractor make changes in the spine, in the position of the body, etc. No placebo on the planet can change the way your body moves and is corrected, and the visible corrections are proof of why you do not feel as much pain as you did before. 

Why Bother With Adjustments When the Chiropractor Can Just Give Pain Pills?

No, chiropractors cannot give pain pills. They are not actually doctors, which is why they cannot prescribe medications. They do not have a license to prescribe pharmacological treatments, which is something a lot of people choose as a substitute for chiropractic care. The false assumption here is that, if a chiropractor can prescribe pain meds, why not just see a regular doctor for that rather than visiting a chiropractor? Now that you know that chiropractic care does not involve drugs of any kind, you have no reason to not see one based on the disproved assumption that you could get pain pills instead. 

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