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2 Kinds Of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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If you have had breast cancer, you may have had to have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. If you have had either of those procedures, then you may choose to have your breast reconstructed, especially if it was only one breast that had to have the procedure done. If you have decided to do the reconstruction before you have had your lumpectomy or mastectomy, then your surgeon may make sure that they can leave as much tissue and skin there to work with as possible.

There are different kinds of breast reconstruction surgeries that you may choose to have. They can be done as soon as you heal from the previous procedures and are healthy, or you can wait to have the reconstruction done at a later date, it's up to you. So, what are the kinds of surgeries?

1. Flap Reconstruction

A flap reconstruction surgery may also be called an autologous reconstruction surgery. With this surgery, the doctor is going to take fat and tissue from your own body, from places like your belly or thighs, to reconstruct your breast. You may also have an implant used in the surgery, depending on desired breast size and how much tissue the surgeon is able to harvest. 

The doctor may be able to save your nipple and surrounding skin during the original procedure, allowing you to have a nipple, or you can ask for them to reconstruct one for you. This kind of surgery is generally more difficult and will take more healing time, but in the long run, you are usually going to get a better, more natural looking result. 

2. Implant Surgery

With an implant surgery, it's very similar to a woman who is getting breast augmentation surgery. An implant would be inserted into the chest to create a breast. Again, there may be a chance of your own nipple being saved or having the chance to reconstruct one. If it has been some time since your original procedure, you may have to have some skin stretching done first. The way that this works is that a bladder is placed under the skin and then slowly filled or inflated so that when it's time to reconstruct your breast, there is going to be skin there to be used. 

If you have had a lumpectomy or mastectomy because of breast cancer, your self-image and self-esteem may suffer. You may want to choose to have breast reconstruction so that you can feel more like yourself again. For more information on your breast reconstruction procedure, contact your local surgery center today.