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What You Need To Know About Using CBD Oil

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Cannabidiol oil, otherwise known as CBD oil, is an oil derived from cannabis. It is used to treat many of the same chronic conditions that cannabis treats. These issues can be anxiety, seizures, chronic inflammation, or pain, but the oil can also treat many other issues.

While CBD oil and medical marijuana products treat many of the same issues, they are different in composition. CBD oil has very little, if any, THC in it. This makes these oils non-psychoactive and a safer alternative to medical marijuana products.

How To Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is treated as a food item by many retailers. On the bottle, CBD oil is required to have a serving size of a certain number of drops. However, this serving size may not be the dose that works for you. CBD oil packages and the places that sell CBD oil aren't allowed to give medical advice about the product. However, the serving size on a CBD product will tell you approximately how many milligrams are in that serving. This information allows you to gauge how much oil you need to take to reap its beneficial effects.

To use CBD oil, you consume the dose that you've figured out for yourself. Simply use a dropper to drop the required amount on your tongue and swallow. For inflammation issues, you can also apply it directly to the skin. For skin applications, many people prefer to apply it to their feet and allow it to absorb. The absorption process can take a little while, so don't plan on getting up immediately.

How To Store It

CBD oil can be light sensitive, so you have it handle it carefully. If you don't, the oil may spoil and become less effective. If you need to store it outside of its usual container, consider using a tin. CBD oil tins can keep the oil from going rancid because they protect the oil from light. You should also see if your oil needs to be refrigerated. Most CBD and hemp oils require refrigeration, but there are some products on the market that are more shelf stable. If you happen to get your oil in bulk, it can be frozen in the tin for a very long shelf life.

CBD oil is useful for many chronic health conditions. With the right knowledge of how to use it and store it properly, you'll be that much closer to managing your illness. To learn more about CBD oil, contact a company like phytoptima.