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Safe And Pain-Free Removal Of The Callus Buildup On Your Feet

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If the calluses on the heels of your feet have become thick and rough, then you will be pleased to learn that you can easily remove them yourself at home. The process of removing the unsightly calluses is safe, simple, and pain-free. 

To remove your foot calluses today, follow this simple procedure:

Important Medical Warning: If you are someone living with diabetes, then you should never attempt to remove your own foot calluses. You should have your feet maintained by a podiatrist at a place like the Oregon Foot Clinic. This is very important because an accidental foot injury can lead to infection and amputation.

Step 1: Soak Your Feet in a Tub of Warm Water to Soften the Calluses

The calluses on your heels are made of many layers of dead skin cells. Since there are no nerve endings in the callus tissue, you can remove it without any pain.

The first step in removing your heel calluses is to soak your feet for a while to soften up the calluses and make their removal easier. When it comes to callus removal, the longer you soak your feet before you begin then the better your results will be.

Step 2: Wash Your Feet with Soap

Before you start removing the callus tissue, first wash your feet with some soap. Washing with soap will ensure that any dirt has been removed before you start working with your pumice stone.

Step 3: Use a Pumice Stone to Remove the Excess Skin Layers on Your Heels

Using a pumice stone purchased from your local pharmacy or grocery store's beauty aisle, start rubbing it on one of your feet. Work from one side of your foot to the other using short strokes. You need to work the pumice stone around the outside of your foot as well as scrubbing it on the bottom of your heel. Keep scrubbing until you have removed the callus tissue and start to feel the pumice stone on your foot. Additionally, you should also rub the pumice stone on the bottom of your big toes and any other areas you have callus buildup.

Step 4: Dry and Moisturize Your Feet

Finally, once you have removed all of the callus tissue from your heels, use a clean towel and dry your feet well. Once your feet are completely dry, then you should slather some high-quality hand lotion all over your feet. Put on a pair of socks so that your feet won't slip on your floors and to lock in the moisture and give it a chance to soak into your skin.