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Dealing with Gout

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Gout is something most people never give a thought to until they come down with a case of it themselves. Although gout is not often discussed, it can be a terribly painful and debilitating condition, particularly for those who develop chronic gout. If you are diagnosed with this condition, you can take steps to limit its negative effects on your life.


If you are stricken with gout, you will probably experience more symptoms than just extreme pain in a foot. Gout often causes the skin to swell and turn red or purplish and is centered in one joint, frequently your big toe. People with gout may go to bed feeling perfectly fine but wake up in pain so intense that they cannot tolerate the pressure of bed coverings on their foot. You may also have limited movement in the afflicted area. Gout hits sufferers hard and fast and is no laughing matter despite its reputation for being a result of gluttony.


The real cause of gout is a high level of purines in your blood. Purines are a substance that is present in many meats, so eating a diet that depends largely on this protein can make you susceptible to gout. Seafood such as mussels and scallops contain high levels of purine,s as do bacon, turkey, and salmon. Cutting your level of purines can help prevent episodes of gout. Drinking a lot of beer is also tied to gout, as are certain medications. Drinking a lot of water can help cleanse your body and keep your purine level acceptable.


If you have an attack of gout, you can expect to be off your feet for at least several days. You should immediately take an OTC pain reliever but make certain that it is not aspirin, which can exacerbate the condition. Experts recommend icing down your foot, but you should also call your doctor. In some instances, they will prescribe medication or perhaps give you a steroid shot. Even if you have regular gout attacks, don't assume you know what the doctor will do. New treatments and medications are constantly being developed.

Gout used to be portrayed as a condition that gluttonous people contracted. Although overdoing it on some foods can trigger an attack, you do not have to be overweight or an overeater to come down with gout. Get medical help and avoid foods that trigger the condition. If you do so, you can minimize the number of attacks you suffer.

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